That Smell.

2010 March 4
by admin

Last night, after some focused discussions, I decided to run up the “hill” from the house I’m staying in. The “hill” is a 500+ foot incline that streches about 2 miles. As I plodded up, I caught a draft of something quintessentially western – the smell of sage in the evening. To me – it smells of the whole west. Cowboy hats, “complex” attitudes about mineral extraction, big mountains, ski towns, lonley high desert, all of it wrapped into one complex aroma. It smells a bit fresh, a bit minty, but also profoundly earthy, and vaguely dank. It’s like a wad of old herbs stored in a basement right before a thunderstorm. I resolve to grab a fistful to take home with me, so at least my backpack will smell of the western frontier.

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