A long, long bike ride.

2010 March 18
by admin

This weather is killin’ me!  Warm and mild, with sweetness in the air, not yet polluted by the rank fermented-urine reek of summer in the Big City.  Despite too much to do (taxes, writing, cleaning) the physical activity bug gets the better of me.  Normally, I would have gone running for three hours or so, but with my still-traumatized soleus muscle giving me some issues, I decided o go for a bike ride instead.   So, after a few cups of coffee I hopped on the hoopty and started to ride.  The sensation of riding a bicycle on the first spring day is one of the purest, most incorruptible and wholesome joys I know.   It’s simple, get on, wince as the seat hits your sit bones, start peddling.  The wind whips by, my feet pump and the scenery seems to accelerate around me.


It was a fantastic ride – but near the halfway point I realized that I had bitten off a bit more than I could chew.  I’d sweated off most of my sunscreen, my quads were twitching, and my sit bones were in agony.  What to do but put my head down, spin hard and wait it out.   So now I’m home, enjoying a Yards Philly Pale Ale and attempting to type and drink while standing up.  Yes – it’s that bad.   So, to celebrate my out-of-shapeness, tomorrow I’m going to ride my bike to New York City.  Should be fun.  If you see a bearded man shuffling down Broadway, wincing and walking like a cowboy, wheeling a bicycle in which all of his possessions are packed – that’s me.  Or a homeless person.

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