2010 April 7
by admin

This Passover was not a bad one.  Maybe it’s that I’ve been busy writing and riding my bike – but the lack of breadly and beerly goodness wasn’t agonizing – it was merely soul-rending and uncomfortable.  Last night – the last night of Passover, I consumed more leavened carbohydrates than I knew what to do with:

1. 1 Baguette
2. A baked, breaded turkey cutlet
3. 325 milliliters of Chimay Blue
4. 2 bottles of Great Lakes Brewing Company Eliot Ness Amber Lager.

The Chimay was predictably beautiful.  We had it a bit cold, which muted some of the burgundy-raisin-estery flavors, but it went down very smoothly.  For 9% alcohol, it was surprisingly refreshing, with none of the hot alcohol prickle that can be associated with beers of this strength.

After the Chimay appetizer, I tore through a massive turkey sandwich and moved on to a more sessionable beer.  I had some Great Lakes Brewing Elliot Ness amber Lager left over from pre-Passover, and was not too excited.  Amber lager?  My feeling was that this is an insipid American style dosed with caramel to fool you into thinking it has flavor.  And “The Cleave?”  I hope none of the local water made it into the beer.  However – Great Lakes Brewing had a surprise for me.  This Amber started with a stiff, hoppy bite,  moved on to a smooth, malty middle, and a finished up dry.  It’s like the best parts of a brown ale, a pale ale, and a lager in one!  Interesting enough to make the palate crave another sip, a nice color, smooth enough to be refreshing, enough body to have some substance.   I sat on the stoop, the unseasonably hot night air blurring the stars, sipping my lager and thinking.  What a nice way to unwind.

Beer Swoon

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