More snowshoeing…

2010 February 28
by admin

So, yesterday, I went snowshoeing again.  I’m finding it oddly easy. The snowshoes I remember from years ago – the ones that looked like badminton rackets,  seemed to make it harder to walk.  They tended to tangle, and mad you adopt a goofy “cowboy” stance.  Now, newer snowshoes make walking on snow seem like walking on a sidewalk.  It’s unnerving how easy it seems.

I’m digging snowshoeing for a couple of reasons.  One – snowshoes allow you access to the deep woods in the winter.  Here is the view heading up a well-used trail near Minturn.  I was immediately struck by the sun, which looked like a cold flare behind a thin screen of frozen cloud:

Winter Sun

The trees, which my native Mainer knee-jerk identified as birch, are actually aspen.  For some reason older marks in trees don’t look like graffiti, they remind me of organic petroglyphs.

Winter Birch

This hike made me think a lot about dogs on trails.  From my perspective, dogs represent un-needed complications in a lot of different areas of life, but on the other hand, they make life a lot more interesting and complicated.  Here is Cynthia enjoying the complexity of dogs on trails:

Winter Cynthia (2)

Sill, there were some moments of absolute scilence that only occur during the winter:

Duncan and Cynthia

It was a great walk.  I resolve to walk in the winter ore often – in that stark, suppressed landscape.

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